Our 100% Acai Berry Pure Review – Why This Product Works And Is Healthy For Your Body

With countless acai berry products on the market it can be difficult and confusing to choose the right one for you.

With retailers of the berry all boasting miraculous weight loss and detoxing benefits, how do you decide which one to trust, and which product to buy?

Acai Berry Pure

After some research, I opted for 100% Acai Berry Pure from Evolution Slimming.

Unlike the other acai products I had found online, each Acai Berry Pure capsule contains 700mg of 100% organic freeze-dried acai berry powder — no fillers or stimulants.

Acai Berry Pure is marketed as an antioxidant supplement rather than a weight loss pill, and as such is suitable for anyone looking to improve his or her health.

What is Acai?

Most of us have only recently heard about acai berries and their miraculous properties, but the berries have been enjoyed by Amazonian tribes for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

In fact, acai berries made up a big part of the tribes’ staple diet due to their nutrient density.

More recently, these small purple berries have enjoyed much publicity for their alleged health benefits and potential weight loss effects. Let’s explore the claims.


Its no secret antioxidants are indispensible for good health. They have been shown to protect the cells against free radicals and aging, boost the immune system and protect against certain cancers.

Acai berries have powerful antioxidant properties, about 20 times stronger than the humble blueberry!

Acai’s vibrant purple colour is due to a high concentration of anthocyanins — antioxidant pigments found in fruit and vegetables.

These pigments have been proven scientifically to lower cholesterol in the blood[1], reduce the risk of cancer, and improve memory[2].

A study carried out in 2008 and published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that anthocyanins could also play an important role in weight management[3].

This is an impressive list of claims, but how do these translate in real time?

After hearing and reading about acai berries’ benefits for health and weight loss, I wanted to experience these powerful properties for myself. Does the acai berry live up to the hype?

Choose Your Product Wisely

And make no mistake, there is a LOT of hype online.

Some acai berry product retailers will have you believe that their formula will deliver miraculous weight loss and surges of energy the likes of which you’ve never experienced before, all without changing your diet and exercise habits.

As with any advertising, beware of claims that sound too good to be true — they usually are!

Read the ingredient label carefully: some of the weight loss pills on offer contain very little acai berry and plenty of stimulants such as caffeine.

In addition, some acai berry supplements contain inactive ingredients or fillers, such as starch, soya bean oil and soya lecithin, which have no positive effect on either health or weight loss.

Acai Berry Pure is 100% pure berry powder, with no stimulants or fillers—making this product a cut above the rest.

My Acai Berry Pure Experience

No one wants to wait around four weeks for delivery, especially if you’re excited about trying out a new product.

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long at all: two days after ordering, I received a one-month supply of Acai Berry Pure.

My first impressions were positive: discreet packaging, clear and unpretentious labelling, some free Acai Berry Patch samples and a 10%-off voucher for my next order.

lady with energy

I have been taking the recommended dose, two capsules a day, half an hour before a meal, for three weeks now.

The most important change I have noticed is a marked increase in my energy levels.

I no longer struggle to get out of bed in the morning, or suffer from that mid-afternoon slump that usually leads me to grab a snack or cup of coffee to stay alert.

Instead I wake feeling fresh, and my energy levels are constant throughout the day.

My workouts have benefited from this boost and I’ve felt able to exercise longer than I used to.

I’ve also noticed a slight decrease in my overall appetite, which has helped me to cut down on snacking.

Acai Berry Pure has also improved the condition of my skin: the spot outbreaks I occasionally suffer from have not made an appearance, and overall my skin appears clearer, smoother and more radiant.

Although Acai Berry Pure isn’t marketed as a weight loss product, I have so far lost 4 pounds.

This could be due to the extra exercising I’ve been doing thanks to the supplement’s energy boosting properties, though the berry’s anthocyanin content may also have played a part.

Another factor may be that I’ve been snacking less since starting to take Acai Berry Pure.


  • 100% acai berry powder, no added fillers or stimulants.
  • Unlike other weight loss pills, there were no stimulant related side effects such as insomnia or jitteriness. On the occasions I took my second capsule in the evening instead of at lunch, I didn’t have any trouble sleeping.
  • ​Increased energy levels.
  • ​Improved skin condition.
  • Better appetite control.


  • I found the capsules a bit of a challenge to take at first because they’re quite big. That said, I soon got used to them and have no trouble taking them now.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Acai Berry Pure supplements were reviewed and endorsed by the editor of the Sunday Express magazine “S”, Victoria Gray, in 2010.

Victoria took the supplements for three months, without dieting or exercise, and saw impressive results: her skin became clearer, her hair became shinier, and after three months she had lost seven pounds.[4]

A search through other reviews on Amazon brought up a mixed bag of results: some people were ecstatic with the product and others were underwhelmed.

Overall the positive reviews outnumbered the negative ones, with the general message being that for best results you should take the supplements regularly for one to three months.

Acai Berry Pure – Does it live up to the hype?

100% Pure Acai berry capsules

If you’re looking for an energy-boosting supplement That doesn’t contain stimulants, fillers and other additives, then Acai Berry Pure is for you.

This powerful supplement is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins to provide increased energy levels, better appetite control, clearer skin and improved sleep.

Acai Berry Pure is 700mg of Pure Organic Freeze Dried Acai Berry with a vegetarian friendly capsule shell with no added unnecessary additional ingredients, stimulants or fillers, such as caffeine.

Available from Evolution Slimming, a UK based company shipped worldwide, whose products are covered by Trusted Shops Buyer Protection and a 30-day Money Back Promise.

You can expect your products to be delivered in plain and discreet packaging within three days of ordering. Their sales team are very helpful and all queries are answered quickly.

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