What Is A Detox Cleanse And Why Is It Good To Help You Lose Weight

Detox cleanses are wildly popular with the health-conscious and the athletic, but many outside of those circles see the benefits of such a deviation to their diets and the possible long-term changes to their lifestyles.

Let’s unpack this issue and give you a better idea of what you’ll be dealing with and how it will change you for the better.

What Is A Detox Cleanse?

As the preferred method to cleanse the body, a detox can eliminate all the unwanted toxins in a person’s body.

reduce body toxins

Toxins can be any of the unwanted additives to foods and foodstuffs that impair the body’s ability and lead to excess weight gain, though can also occur from the natural cell process, making a detox something everyone should consider.

Whether you’re looking for a general cleanse or want a detox for other reasons, such as for weight loss, its best to look at your diet to use food that help, with the added health benefits that follow.

Improving your diet will have prolonged effects as you limit the amount of chemicals you ingest, consume foods higher in vitamins and nutrients, and relieve your digestive tract by increasing your bowels movements and urination to a more healthy rhythm.

Why Is It Good For Our Bodies

Finding the best detox may seem tricky as people’s bodies differ in so many things.

For those interested in weight loss, they may consider detox diet pills that are used exclusively without considering the best cleanse, which can be a mistake as detox foods will yield the best result for a deeper cleanse.


Many studies have been conducted to understand the effects of unwanted chemicals trapped in the human body and given the daily contact one has to such foodstuffs and the rising obesity rates, many should consider the benefits of a cleanse or detox.

But aside from the aesthetic results, there are benefits to release harmful chemicals stored in fat cells. And even if one has a clean diet, the body can become toxic from nearby metals and carcinogens that exist as free radicals in everyday life.

The presence of these toxins are believed to either present or create a welcoming environment for illnesses to attack the host body. They can slow the metabolism, speeding up aging and limiting the restorative properties of sleep, exercise, and eating well.

Even the professional athlete should consider detox diets, considering the damage that could be taking place in their bodies through no fault of their own.

The Best Detox Cleanse To Lose Weight

It can be tricky to discern the best detox to lose weight. Many obliquely hear about detoxes, may rush to use detox diet pills, believing their problems will be solved by it alone.

Truthfully, detox diets rely on consuming the right amount of food for their vitamin content, fiber, and their ability to replace toxins in fat cells.

Knowing what foods are essential and which are off limits will let you build your best detox to lose those extra pounds.

Detox Foods And Diets For Weight Loss

​​It is essential to rely on fruits and vegetables but not to neglect your protein needs.

When selecting proteins, you will need to include the fatty acids essential to replace existing fat cells that are toxic to your system. This would include fish high in Omega 3.

Freshly caught meat is preferred to cans. Also, if a vegetarian option is what you’re seeking, beans and nuts are an excellent source protein.

Fibrous fruits and vegetables, such are carrots, celery, apples, watermelon, beets, and the like, when consumed raw allow for a regulated flow through the digestive tract.

Vegetables for Healthy Body

On a cleanse you’d want to minimize the amount of cooked food you eat, eliminating it entirely if possible. If consuming so many fruits and vegetables raw becomes difficult, they can always be just cooked, but keep in mind that much of the fiber and vitamins can be retained in the pulp.

When consuming these foods, remember to keep your salt intake regular, accounting for approximately 2-3% of your body weight in grams, including the content of sodium already present in your food. Also, your intake of water should match your body weight in ounces in order to keep urination steady and your tract clean.

You’re eating patterns don’t need to shift much. Even the volume of what you eat can remain the same if you make sure to consume only raw vegetables and fruit along with the clean protein needed to carry you throughout your day.

There can be no substitution of these foods with grains, oats or non-water beverages, these foods can be reintroduced once the cleanse is over.

Pills And Supplements - The Benefits, Potential Risks And Any Dangers

detox plus for your health

There are Detox Colon Cleansing System in Capsule form to consider and are effective when taken with a healthy diet.

Fatty acids are crucial to a clean diet, and because of that regular consumption of Omega 3 and 9, as well as flax seed and fish oil, all of which can be found in pill form as dietary supplements.

Another supplement found useful in detoxes are laxatives, which, when utilized as directed, can speed up the expelling of excess waste.

Detox Cleanse Final Thoughts

For the first 48 hours of the detox, laxatives are at their most useful when combined with mass consumption of water. After this point, imbibing water should remain constant as should your detox foods for one full week for a proper detoxing cleanse.

It will be required that you monitor your progression daily and gauge how you are acclimating to the changes going on in your body. Many cite fatigue or “ill” feelings, but for most this is all about adjusting to the shock of detoxification to your immune system.

During this time it is best to limit exposure to free radicals that could compromise the detox, such as chemicals in cleaning agents, cigarette smoke, alcohol, and perfumed lotions.

Proper ventilation through your home will also help in filtering your air intake, bettering your chances of coming through the shock quickly and bouncing back to recovery.

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