How To Make Yourself Drink More Water Everyday

How To Make Yourself Drink More Water Everyday

We know the reasons for drinking water in the summer, to replenish the lost fluids that we sweat or perspire out of our bodies, but do we need to drink as much water in the winter to be healthy, and how do we do this?

Well, despite the cold temperatures in winter, our bodies do require more water to keep the skin well hydrated, moist, and well replenished.

Although your nose could be running again (due to the dropping temperatures), you need to drink more water to keep all systems functioning properly, and for your body's wellness.

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Well, you'll be surprised how much water your body needs in those cold and chilly winter days.

Although unknown to many, dehydration is possible in both hot and cold weather climates, with most people ditching the water bottle on the slightest hint of cold weather.

Many will go for hours, and even days before they can think of having a glass of water.

Since our thirst reflexes aren't that strong, the body gets dehydrated pretty fast, leaving us vulnerable to infections and other health conditions.

Some of the conditions that surface due to cold weather, such as coughing, cold and flu, see the body lose a fair amount of fluids.

Drinking plenty of water and fluids is the first step to recovering from most of these conditions. Ensuring body cells are well hydrated not only boost your energy levels but gives your immune system a boost as well.

We have outlined below are a few tips on how to drink more water especially when it's cold outside.

Set A Target Per Day On How Much To Drink

Set a target to drink at least 600ml of water every day. Although you may not feel thirsty this time of the year, walking around with a water bottle can help you reach this goal.

Filtered and sparkling water is mostly recommended for better body and cell hydration.

If in the office, consider drinking at least one glass of water every hour. You could also make soup, tea, vegetable salads, and fruits to supplement the water intake.

Have A Glass Of Water After Meals

Always serve your meals with a glass of still or sparkling water. You are more likely to drink water while having lunch, or moments later, and especially when served with the main course.

Having a glass of water between meals also helps regulate your appetite too.

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Drink A Cup Of Tea (Herbal, Green Or Black Tea Is Great For You)

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Having a cup of tea daily increases your fluids intake very easily.

In addition to increasing your fluids intake, black, herbal, and green tea are rich in antioxidants, catechins, and other healthy properties.

You can also take herbal tea to treat digestive disorders as well as food cravings.

Consider Warm-Boiled Water With A Slice Of Lemon

warm water and lemon

If you're struggling to drink more water on chilly days, why not consider drinking warm water from a cup.

The warm water will not only help keep you hydrated but also raise your body temperature.

Also, chuck in a slice of lemon in the warm water to give the drink and your health a boost.

Add Fresh Fruits And Vegetables To Your Meal Plan

fruits and vegatables for water intake

While drinking warm water and tea is a viable option, many people still struggle to empty an entire bottle of water in their bellies.

Adding fresh vegetables, succulent fruits, berries and soups to your diet plan can help increase your water intake.

The best thing with eating vegetable salads, or even juicy fruits in between meals, is that your body benefits from more healthy fruits and vegetables, while increasing your water intake.

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables also helps to reduce your calorie intake significantly, helping to lose weight.

Always Have A Bottle Of Water Within Reach

Take a bottle of water in the car, or just a glass to your desk at work.
Doing this should make it easy to take a few sips in between tasks, or while you drive around town.

Having water within reach during winter is highly recommended as many people suffer from headaches and migraines commonly related to excessive dehydration.

Always remember your water bottle and to include the tips above throughout the whole year to ensure you keep hydrated, keeping your body and immune system healthy and feel great.

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